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What kind of #TRIOwine lover are you?

Wednesday, 6 April, 2016

Do you always enjoy the same tastes or try new ones? Do you choose the same drink as the person drinking next to you or do you like being an innovator? Here are some types of wine lovers that you might recognize around you.

The Traditional

He is the one who always plays it safe no matter what, he constantly drinks the same variety. It doesn’t matter what he is eating or where he is, he’s sure of what he wants and there’s no option of making another decision. For example, someone who adores the refreshing taste of #TRIOSauvignonBlanc even when he knows that it combines better with shellfish, salads or cheese, doesn’t care if the food is not right because he can’t resist the one and only taste.

The Restless

Wants to taste it all and is always searching for opportunities to do so. In each occasion he asks for any wine that he has never tasted before to satisfy his curiosity. He is the kind that already enjoys all #TRIOwines but since he can’t decide if he likes best a #TRIOmerlot or a #TRIOCabernetSauvignon he drinks both as if it was the first time.

The Social

In a social meeting with friends he is the one who asks “What are you drinking?” or says with confidence “I want the same thing”. They are those who are always listening to the advice from others or have their palates open to new strains. They enjoy a conversation and trust the preferences from the people around them. If someone is drinking #TRIOchardonnay they make a decision with their eyes close.

The Trendy

If someone asks what is the current trendy wine, he knows the answer and that’s the drink that he will have in his hand. You could say that he has the knowledge and is always updated about the recent releases and what people like. They don’t care if their taste is common or too popular. They are fierce when it’s time to choose. For example, they love #TRIOwine and know that it is the one that everybody loves.

The Analyzer

He is the one who knows exactly the substance of what he is drinking. he knows each strain and is capable of tasting each glass, make a detail of the scents found and can even tell where it comes from. When they drink #TRIOwine they know perfectly its blend and enjoy making recommendations about it.

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