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TRIO Wines, a perfect blend of love

Thursday, 20 February, 2020

For many couples, February is a month of romance, flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners and outdoor dates… love-filled occasions that deserve the perfect wine.

If you’re surprising your special someone on February 14, or on all 365 days of a year, we’ve collected some ideas on how to share unforgettable moments along with TRIO Wines.

Dinner Date

The ideal setting for a romantic dinner varies depending on the couple: whether enjoying a candlelit dinner or eating under the stars, the idea is to align your interests with those of your partner’s. But no matter what — an exquisite glass of wine is the perfect way to compliment any date.

If your taste preferences are rich and complex, we recommend TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine with sweet tannins and a pleasing finish that pairs splendidly with hearty recipes like lamb chops or bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin medallions, served with homemade green pea mash.

But if your preference is a juicy, smooth, delicate, and balanced wine, then look no further than TRIO Merlot. Our favorite recipes for this selection are ricotta-stuffed pasta topped with a butter and parmesan sauce with diced ham, or a baked ham if you’re willing to put in the work.


If your ideal date takes you outdoors, you’ll find no better option than a picnic, where you and your special someone can enjoy the splendor of nature’s sights, sounds and smells.

TRIO Chardonnay is the perfect choice for such occasions, given its balance of fruit and minerals, crisp acidity, and its intense and delicious fresh fruit notes — a versatile selection that can blend with an arrangement of foods.

Picnic eats are generally light, seasonal foods that are easily served and kept at ambient or cool temperatures, which is why we suggest bringing a cooler with ice, so as to make sure your food is properly stored and your wine properly chilled. Remember, TRIO Chardonnay is best served at 8-10 C (46-50 F).

If you’re packing sandwiches, consider something out of the ordinary, like smoked salmon with Brie or Camembert cheese and artisan breads like ciabatta or baguette.

By candle light or with birds singing in the background, TRIO Wines will accompany you and your partner at every step. What’s your favorite Trio Wine?

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