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TRIO Senses: Smell

Friday, 23 July, 2021

During a wine tasting, there’s a moment when you should begin to enjoy the experience of focusing and identifying the aromas coming from your wine.

On your bottle of TRIO Wine, you can read on the label the types of aromas and flavors to expect, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can always recognize all of the citric and red fruit notes present. For that reason we have put together this short guide to help you along your tasting journey.

Did you know that our sense of smell is partially tied to our memory? The more flavors you taste, the more experienced your aroma recognition abilities become. The good news is that we can exercise our sense of smell by taking in our surroundings: fruit that you bring home from the store, condiments you use to flavor your dishes, and even by breathing in fresh air as you walk down the street. By paying more attention to everyday experiences we can build up a diverse and  well-trained aroma bank.

Simple exercises like identifying the smells that surround you by name will help you when you come across that same smell in a glass of wine.

There are two key factors when it comes to your sense of smell with wine: the glass and the act of letting the wine breathe.

Your wine glass should be of special consideration. Make certain that you take in characteristics such as the shape, the size, and the quality of the glass, and always prefer transparent glasses without designs or dyes, as you will want to observe the colors and shades of your wine during the tasting.

The size of the glass is also especially important; it should be sufficiently wide to be able to swirl the wine, which allows the aromas to open up and reveal their full potential.

Swirling the glass allows the wine to fully express itself; with the stem held firmly, spin the glass in slow, gentle circles to create a small swirl in the center of the glass, which will help bring it into contact with oxygen and strengthen the expression of its aromatic notes.

By following a few simple steps you will be on your way to enjoying all the flavors and aromas of your favorite TRIO Wine: TRIO Merlot, TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon, and TRIO Chardonnay.



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