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TRIO Guide: Wine body

Friday, 19 March, 2021

The last time you had a glass of wine, you might have asked yourself why some wine has a light taste on the palate, while other varietals appear more dense.

The short answer to your curiosity is: Wine body. Those two words describe the way the wine feels inside your mouth. The wine will be more dense when it is full-bodied, but it can also be lighter and less dense because of other factors, such as alcohol, tannins, acidity and sugar.


If the sensation you taste is one of warmth and boldness, your palate is indicating that there is a higher ABV (alcohol beverage volume). A wine that contains more than 14% alcohol is a full-bodied wine, while lighter wines tend to have an ABV below 12%.


Tannins play a defining role when it comes to the wine body, as they provide astringency. Tannins are derived from grape skin and seeds, but they can also be present in the wood used to ferment the wine. Red wines have a higher amount of tannins; wines with a paler hue have less tannins, and as such, are lighter.


Acidic wines will make you salivate, as opposed to a wine with a lower acidity level. Such profiles are more associated with round and full-body wines.


To produce alcohol, a certain amount of sugar is necessary in order for the wine to ferment. However, residual sugar is left over, it did not ferment but remains in the wine nonetheless. For this reason, when we talk about a dry wine we are essentially talking about wines with a low level of residual sugar. This is why wines with a low level of residual sugar are considered sweet wines.

To gauge what type of body a wine has, it’s necessary to take note of its sugar level and sense its effect on the palate.

Now that you’re empowered with some basic guidelines on how to determine wine body types, it’s the perfect moment to open a bottle of your favorite TRIO Wines and allow yourself to enjoy the myriad of sensations.






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