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The perfect cheese for each TRIO Wine

Thursday, 14 March, 2019


In the wine and culinary world, few things pair as beautifully as wine and cheese. On the flip side, few things can cause as much trepidation as deciding on which cheese to pair with which wine.

Finding the right combination between these two is largely a matter of preference, rather than an oenological decision. Still, there are a few tips that will help guide you to a splendid pairing.

One of the basic rules of pairing wine and cheese is selecting a cheese with an intensity equal to or less than that of the selected wine. By doing this, you’ll establish balance between the flavors by bringing them out and complementing them off one another.

And while innumerable wine and cheese pairings exists, a general rule of thumb is to keep it simple and not overwhelm your palate ‒ one wine, one cheese. Cheese platters are great, but not every cheese will pair with the wine you’re drinking, so it’s a good idea to choose one cheese for every wine, that way, you can appreciate the nuanced flavors and textures.

After you’ve decided on your pairing, you should leave your cheese selection at room temperature at least 20 minutes before consumption.

If you’re feeling more confident about pairing after reading this article, but are still uncertain about where to begin, listed below are some of our favorite cheeses that are guaranteed to pair to perfection with TRIO Perfect Blend.



TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon




TRIO Chardonnay





TRIO Merlot




Seize every opportunity to experience new pairings along with TRIO Perfect Blend!

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