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The most expected #TRIOmusic of 2016

Thursday, 31 March, 2016

This year started with many announcements and news from bands that will make a comeback to the music scene. Even when there are no release dates yet, we already know that we will have new sounds, perfect to enjoy with a glass of #TRIOwine.


Tom Yorke’s band announced that after 5 years they will return to the stage in Amsterdam on May, the first of many live presentations in 2016, in Europe and the US, where they will feature their new album, 9th recorded in a studio and the first after “The King of Lambs” released in 2011. Even when there is no official date, sources close to the band already catalogued it as a true “work of art”.

LCD Soundsystem

Recently the band reunited once again, after 5 year of absence. A preview to what will be their re-union concert at the Coachella Festival in the middle of April. The front man, James Murphy, said that their return to the scenes will be accompanied by a new album, after “This is Happening” of 2010. Good news for those who like to move to the dance-punk rhythms.


The American songwriter had a huge comeback last year when he won a Grammy Award for his “Morning Phase” album, a victory that even though he didn’t want it got him involved in a controversy with Kanye West. His new material will follow the same path of his first single “Dreams”, a song with a more funky style and at the same time closer to his early work, like “Odelay” and “ Midnite Vultures”. The release date is unknown but it is expected to be before the end of the second semester 2016.


Since 2011, this animated band hasn´t appeared in a new album. However, at the end of last year the vocalist Damon Albarn confirmed that the band is working on a new project, the fifth, that will appear with a new look, worthy of a band that mixes rock, electronic and hip hop.


The Irish have always have been very open to give information about their new projects and this time is no exception. Even though the new material it is expected before the end of this year, they’ve already announced that it is very probable that their work will be titled “Song of Experience”, a double album and a companion to “Songs of Innocence” of 2014. According to the lead singer Bono, all the songs are already written and they are now being recorded at a Los Angeles studio.

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