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The best #TRIOdesign for bicycles and cyclist

Friday, 26 February, 2016

To any city in constant development, it is important to conceive the bicycle as a conventional and useful means of transport. Here are some of the best designs from those who thought that cyclists are an important part of a city.

Central Station Garage Bike, Amsterdam

The Dutch capital, a city where there are three times more bikes than cars, so it’s not bizarre that parking is an issue. There’s a lot of parking for bikes but they are increasingly collapsed. One of the largest is located at the central station. Although most of the spaces are free, the only inconvenient is to remember where you left your bike. Something not so simple, if you think that it holds more than 6.500 bicycles.

Eco-Cycle, the modern underground parking in Japan

Just for those who frequently can’t remember where they parked their bicycles or don’t have the time to do it themselves, the Japanese have developed the idea of an absolutely automatic parking system. In 13 seconds, an underground construction (totally earthquake resistant), 11 meters deep and only for 26 US dollars a month (students receive 50% discount), you can park your bike by just putting a card on a reader. An amazing new technology that car drivers may wish to have.

Morlans Tunnel, San Sebastian, Spain

Opened in 2009, it used the structure from an old train tunnel. It is 2 km. long, connects the Amara and Ibieta zones and is for the exclusive use for bicycles. It also, has security cameras, emergency exits and it cost 2,6 million euros to the Basque government.

Bus bicycle rack, Vancouver

If you need to travel a long distance to get close to your destination by public transport, in Vancouver, you just need to put your bike into the racks at the front of their buses. With this method, the bike doesn’t use extra space in the interior and it is also comfortable for the bikers and for the rest of the passengers.

The river loop, Australia

Built alongside the river in Brisbane, we find a 36km stretch of road that goes through this most beautiful Australian city. The road leads us to the only beach in the area: Streets Beach.

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