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The relaxing benefits of Wine Therapy

Monday, 18 January, 2016

There’s nothing more enjoyable for a wine lover than to taste every last drop of the precious nectar. But, some prefer to broaden the experience and get the benefits of grapes for therapeutic purposes. It’s Wine Therapy, a treatment used by the romans hundreds of years ago but that in the middle of the 1990s became a trend in France that has expanded around the world.

Either through a face mask or by taking baths with the exuberant potion, the truth is that you take advantage of one of wine’s most beneficial feature: its antioxidant properties.

And all thanks to its most basic and almost magical ingredient, reveratrol, a chemical component 50 times more powerful  than Vitamin E and 30 times more so than Vitamin C. It is present on the grape pips, beautifully produced by the grape to defend itself from infections.

Wine therapy is recommended to hydrate, bring luminosity, improve the circulation, rejuvenate and energize skin. Using it for massages, brings a relaxing power, releases tension and produces absolute relaxation.

The most recommended wines for this practice are the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot varieties. Would you dare to use this kind of therapy?

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