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#StayAtHome Activities with TRIO Wines

Thursday, 23 April, 2020

Over the last days, staying put at home has taken on different meaning. While some people may have difficulty growing accustomed to it, others have sought to take advantage of the tranquility that comes with being home. But eventually, being indoors for an extended period of time can become a bit monotonous, even for the homebodies. To help you enjoy your time at home, we’ve put together a list of ways to stay active and entertained while enjoying a glass of your favorite TRIO Wine.

Afternoon reading with TRIO 📚📚

Putting something comfy on and diving into a book at home will never go out of fashion. So if your literary tastes are geared towards wine, here are three books we recommend:

The Oxford Companion to Wine -Jancis Robinson

If you’re just entering the world of wine, this book is the essential guide to transforming you into a wine expert. Extraordinary illustrations, photos and maps will empower you to learn about wine science, history, geography, varietals, culture and much more.

Ancient Wine-Patrick E. McGovern

Have you ever wondered what archaeology has to do with wine production? This book dives into the very subject of ancient viniculture that began in the Neolithic period, and intertwines it with the history of civilization. McGovern knows a bit about the subject as he is the Scientific Director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Project for Cuisine, Fermented Beverages, and Health at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. If you’re a history and wine buff, “Ancient Wine” is a must-have for your home library.

Secrets of the Sommeliers: How to Think and Drink Like the World’s Top Wine Professionals -Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay

Adventure and expertise abound in this selection that explores the fascinating world of renowned sommeliers, delving into the particularities of their unquestionably unique jobs. In true somm fashion, expect lots of tips on pairing, serving and tasting.

Table games to have fun and learn wine culture ♟♟

Wine lovers can show their skills in games like blind tastings or trivia, but if you are looking to take your knowledge to the next level, we recommend the following board games:


Rich Uncle Pennybag’s classic board game of buying and trading properties with the goal of besting the competition is imagined in its most tasty edition yet: winemaking.

In place of properties, players acquire fine wines and dive into their details as you make your way through the game, as each card includes descriptions and interesting facts about the varietal selected.

Wine Wars

This trivia game allows players to demonstrate and/or develop their wine knowledge, as the competition includes information for wine geeks of all levels.

Categories include: “Vine to Vino” (growing grapes, making wine and world production); “Wine Cellar” (selecting, storing and tasting wine); and “Cork Culture” (winemakers, business, arts, science and fun facts).

Murder Mystery -A Taste for Wine and Murder

This board game takes its inspiration from “Clue”, the classic game where players are immersed into a suspenseful whodunnit murder mystery. Set against backdrop of picturesque wineries and wine cellars, the mystery unfolds when long-missing vineyard owner Barry Underwood’s body is found in California Wine Country.

Players are the principal suspects, but they must also go about planning wine tastings and food pairings for the attendees of the wine-tasting festival.

Music to enjoy with a glass of TRIO 🎧🎧

We’ve shared our reading and board game suggestions that pair splendidly with a glass of TRIO wine. To close out, we’ve selected our favorite songs and playlist where wine is the protagonist to ensure you’ll have perfect music to go with whatever you’re doing.

“The Days of Wine and Rose”

“The lone-ly night discloses just a passing breeze filled with memories. Of the golden smile that introduced me to… The days of wine and roses and you,” opines the lyrics that have been covered by artists including Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra, a nostalgic song that sets the perfect ambience for an afternoon in the company of Trio Chardonnay.

“Hey Brother, Pour the Wine”

The title track of Dean Martin’s 1964 album is a spirited melody that is certain to bring out the adventure in a delicious glass of wine.

“Good Friend and A Glass of Wine”

Country music singer LeAnn Rimes’ song perfectly summarizes the nonstop speed of modern life and its daily challenges, and how it’s best to handle it all with good wine and company, of course we recommend a glass of TRIO and delicious cheese platter.

“Red Red Wine”

If your wine playlist needs rhythm, UB40’s classic cover is a must. This song will raise the spirits of being inside. “Red red wine, you make me feel so fine. You keep me rockin’ all of the time. Red red wine, you make me feel so grand. I feel a million dollar when you’re just in my hand.” Is this not the perfect song for a glass of TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon?

“How Does the Wine Taste?”

No wine playlist is complete without Barbra Streisand’s wine tasting anthem. This song asks us about wine and the experience of it tasting, so naturally we should listen to it with a glass of wine, right?

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