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Serve and enjoy TRIO Wines like an expert

Monday, 16 November, 2020

Imagine your favorite bottle of TRIO Wines, be it Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Chardonnay, and then imagine enjoying it on an unforgettable day with family and friends. The moment you imagine is perfect, but how do you make such an experience a reality?

A complete tasting experience sees to every detail, with the purpose of ensuring the conditions to be able to enjoy every note, aroma, and unique trait of each wine. To assist in such endeavours we’ve compiled some tips that can help you host a tasting like an expert.


  1. The Ideal temperature

Temperature plays a fundamental role in a tasting, and as such make sure to plan ahead when removing your bottle(s) from either the cooler or cellar — you don’t want it to be too hot or too cold. An appropriate temperature will allow the wine to present its signature profile in all its glory.

A wine thermometer is a handy tool to precisely measure your wine’s temperature. TRIO Merlot and TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon are best served at temperatures between 16-18 C (61-64 F). Red wine served below these temperatures can diminish aromas, while anything above can heighten the taste of alcohol, harm flavors and aromas, and harm the wine’s profile.

TRIO Chardonnay should be served between 8-10 C (46-50 F). Like its red counterparts, white wine served over the recommended temperature can diminish its flavors against that of alcohol. Conversely, serving below 8 C can dull the wine’s texture, and thereby lessen its zest and smoothness.


2. Uncorking a bottle

To open your bottle, use the small blade on your wine opener and cut the foil wrapping underneath the bottle’s lower lip.

Next, insert the corkscrew into the center of the cork and twist it until reaching the penultimate notch, making sure to keep it straight so as to not bend or break the cork. Gently pull the cork out of the bottle, listening for the captivating ‘pop’ sound.


3. Service order

Recommended serving orders indicate that white wines should be served before reds, and by the same manner, serve younger wines ahead of older ones, lighter wines before heavy-bodied ones, and dry wines before sweet wines.


4. Serving amount

Each 750 ml. TRIO Wines bottle provides for between six and twelve tasting pours, depending on the size of the glass. For dinner, a standard glass of wine contains between 150-180 ml. (5-6 oz), which visually amounts to approximately one-third a glass.


5. Stemware

To fully appreciate the tasting experience it is vital to consider the shape, size, and quality of the glassware used. The border should curve inwards so as to capture the aromas and channel them to the nose. Additionally, the glass has to be sufficiently big to be able to swirl the wine and thereby liberate its aromas.


6. Time to taste

Our last tip brings us to the moment of tasting. Grip the stem with your thumb and index fingers near its bottom half, as you don’t want to hold the base of the glass in your hand because it will heat up your wine and alter its flavors. Tilt, raising the glass to your mouth, and enjoy!

Now you are all set to enjoy a glass of your favorite TRIO Wines with your favorite people, cheers!



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