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Tuesday, 10 March, 2015

We know that getting the most out of each bottle your favorite TRIO is very important. So be sure to avoid these honest mistakes and get the best experience out of each glass. Cheers!

1 – Using the same wine glass for everything
We´re not telling you to buy a different glass for every type of wine, but it’s nice to have some options. Have fun experimenting and finding out how much difference a glass makes. Believe it or not, your #TRIOwine will taste differently in each one.

2 – Putting ice
Instead of adding ice to your #TRIOwine Chardonnay, there are a few techniques you can use to make that summer glass perfect. Try using frozen grapes, for example. Or find a nice wine chiller made especially to give you a refreshing flavor in a minute.

3 – Pouring too much
Technically, you need to leave room in the glass so you can swirl the wine. But now, it is also a matter of “bonnes manières” (French etiquette). You should never fill a glass to the top, or gulp it down. Take your time and enjoy it!

4 – Serving wine at the wrong temperature
If a wine is too cold, some of the fruit flavors will be unbalanced and you won’t be able to taste its full expression. On the other hand, if you serve it too hot, the alcohol will be more pronounced.

5 – Keeping a bottle for too long once you’ve opened it
Wine has an expiration date once you’ve opened it, so after a few days, it might be too old. In order to make your wine last longer, put it in the fridge using a wine pump. Another #TRIOtip is to make wine ice cubes from your leftovers so you can use it next time you cook.

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