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Pairing your pasta recipes to perfection

Thursday, 24 October, 2019

Flour, eggs, and water are the only three ingredients needed for one of the world’s most versatile foods: pasta. And while pasta is commonly thought to be an Italian creation, its presence has been documented in various stages and places throughout history.

Spaghetti, gnocchi, tortellini, ravioli, and macaroni are just a few of the many variations of this beloved dish, but no pasta is complete — nor can it be paired with a savorous wine — without a sauce to top it with.

When deciding on a wine to pair with your pasta, it’s essential to take into account the wine’s notes and body. Spaghetti topped with Pomodori Secchi (a sauce made from sun-dried tomatoes and herbs), for example, is best paired with fruity and elegant reds, so as to bring balance to the ingredients. TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon pairs superbly with hearty sauces such as these.

If you are seeking to pair your pasta with a crisp and balanced wine, TRIO Chardonnay is a praiseworthy selection. This medium body, buttery wine is certain to compliment the nuanced flavours and richness of cream-based toppings, especially those served with mushrooms, sharp cheeses, and/or shellfish.

Merlot could be considered as the king of pasta wines, and TRIO Merlot certainly lives up to that reputation. Sauces like Napoli or Bolognese — famous for their use of fresh ingredients like tomato, basil and grated cheeses — are easily matched in complexity with TRIO Merlot’s smooth tannins, opening the door for an epicurean experience for all of your pasta recipes.

No matter the menu on pasta night, TRIO Perfect Blend will make it an unforgettable occasion.

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