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Extraordinary Vintages 2018: TRIO Wines

Friday, 17 July, 2020

In the final half of 2017 and first half of 2018, the Concha y Toro vineyard experienced optimal climate conditions, leading to the production of an extraordinary vintage.

The term “vintage” in the wine refers to the harvest obtained over the course of the year and it was precisely the Central Valley zone that gave origin to this title.

In the Maipo, Rapel, Curicó and Maule valleys, conditions permitted the vineyard’s oenology team to harvest grapes that produced wines of the highest standards in quality, balance, aroma, structure, and of a high concentration of matured and refined tannins.


Exceptional seasons

The climatic conditions were key in making the 2018 wine harvest an extraordinary one.

Wine fields received adequate water reserves thanks to a rainy winter marked by moderate temperatures and cool nights; grapevines grew strong and freely during a sunny and rainless spring that was cooler than previous years; grape clusters developed optimally in terms of fruitness, color and aroma under summer diurnal temperature variations; and lastly, an autumn of moderate temperatures and cool nights brought grapes to their optimal maturity.

Together, these favorable conditions resulted in Concha y Toro’s premium red wine varietals — like TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon and TRIO Merlot — having essential sugar levels for a perfect fermentation that led to matured, sweet tannins, balanced acidity and aromas of black fruits, red fruits, blackcurrant and violet.



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