Trio – English

Aromas que recuerdan a ciruelas frescas, cerezas rojas y grafito.

Balance entre frutosidad y madera; elegante y fresco.

Sabor suave pero con carácter, taninos dulces y persistentes.

Aromas of fresh plums, cherries and graphite.

Balance between fruit and wood; elegant and refreshing.

Smooth flavor but also bold, plush and firm tannins.

escena roca
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Explore and savour a blend of three unique wines. Color, aroma and flavor give way to a blissful sensory experience, a perfect blend. Why choosing just one variety, when you can have the best of three
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Our wines
Merlot 2019 / Maule Valley

Dark red with medium-purple shades. Aroma of ripe plums, red cherries, and graphite. Silky, seamless, and vibrant. The perfect pair with red and white meats, pasta, and cheese.

52% merlot – 45% carmenere – 3% malbec

Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 / Maule Valley

Intense deep ruby with tinge of violet. Notes of fresh red plums, black cherries and sweet spices. Big and smooth. The perfect pair with grilled steaks and strong cheeses.

88% cabernet sauvignon – 7% cabernet franc – 5% syrah

Chardonnay 2020 / Rapel Valley

Color of pale yellow, clean and brilliant. Aromas of mineral, citrus, white peaches, and subtle floral notes. Balance between fruit and wood, elegant and refreshing. The perfect pair with seafood, fish, chicken, pasta and paella.

85% chardonnay – 10% pinot grigio – 5% pinot blanc