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Discover the best #TRIOplaces for solo travellers

Friday, 26 February, 2016

There are no excuses for not travelling. If you don’t have the perfect partner or you don’t have a friend who wants to go with you, you can always enjoy the opportunity to know new places. Here are the best to live an amazing #TRIO experience.

Bangkok, Thailand

To simple sight, the Thai capital may seem chaotic. Is the most populated and while their streets may seem too busy, the truth is that it doesn’t really reverse any danger to the tourist. Walking for their quiet Buddhist temples, enjoy their extraordinary gastronomy and the accommodation, ideal for a shoestring budget, those are some of the attractions to visit without company and is the big opportunity to know new cultures.

New York, USA.

Even if it is your first time at the big apple, for sure all the places would seem known, especially if you are a great consumer of movies and tv shows. Visiting the Liberty Statue, the Ground Zero, eating a pizza at Central Park, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and getting up to the top of the empire state, all cliché, but attractions that are enjoyable when you travel all alone.

Reykjavík, Iceland

The land where Bjork came from may seem really far away. However, has natural charms that you shouldn’t miss. We recommend enjoying the natural beauties like the Blue lagoon, a geothermal spa full of minerals that will bring you energy. Also, there’s a lot of water falls, whales, and of course you can practice trekking, that will connect the nature with yourself.

Amsterdam, Holland

The city famous for its art, tulips, the coffee shops, the red light district and of course their bicycles. The dutch capital, has a lot of cycle routes that rides along their canals. We recommend to rent a bike and enjoy one of the most beautiful and better connected European cities around the world. Overflowing by tourist the entire year, we assure you that you’ll find more than a friend in your trip.

San José, Costa Rica

“Pure life” is the phrase that you can find everywhere among the Costa Rican and it’s not in vain. The vitality and the energy of their beaches and their fabulous nature are some of the main attractions. Also the hospitality of the people and the music playing everywhere will make you forget that you are travelling alone and will seem that you are always surrounded by a familiar environment.

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