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Amazings Christmas Dinners with #TRIOwine

Wednesday, 28 December, 2016

Every Christmas Eve dinner is unique, yet there’s one thing that never changes: a wonderful bottle of wine as the guest of honor. In this spirit, #TRIOwine is the perfect guest to invite to your holiday dinner party in preparation of memorable celebrations.

Traditional Dinner: #TRIOMerlot
Compared to independence day festivities, Christmas is a celebration that is traditionally enjoyed with white meats for dinner. Turkey is one of the main courses at the dinner table, where the presence of the perfect wine is essential to honor the feast. Be it with family or with friends, the rich fruit flavour and aroma of black plums, blueberries, and cherries of #TRIOMerlot is certain to be your best addition to the meal, from appetizer to dessert.

Dinner from the Sea: #TRIOSauvignonblanc and #TRIOChardonnay
For those who enjoy the tastes of the ocean, you’re certain to love a Christmas dinner highlighted by fish and seafood. Whether it’s the starter or main course, a great way to accompany these delicacies and achieve the perfect pairing for your dinner is with a #TRIOSauvignonblanc, rich in citric aromas, such as guava and passion fruit.

If you prefer your wine with a bit more smoothness, #TRIOChardonnay is also an excellent option, as its aromatic balance of white peaches and lime will deliver a refreshing finish in each sip. This wine is a wonderful selection for vegetarians who enjoy their Christmas Eve dinner with a garden medley salad.

Red Dinner: #TRIOCabernetsauvignon
Red meats are always good option for the main course– even more so when they’re accompanied by a great wine to enhance the flavors. An excellent companion for these preparations is #TRIOCabernetsauvignon, with tremendous body and concentration and aromas of raspberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, certain to pair exquisitely with your dinner.

Traditional, of the sea, or red, which #TRIOwine will accompany you this year for Christmas dinner?

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