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Chilean food, the original pairing of TRIO Wines

Friday, 23 April, 2021

TRIO Wines hail from the valleys of Chile, which can be characterized for having a myriad of blends and varietals depending on the zone. Chilean cuisine, for its part, is modernized creole, meaning that it combines the best of native products with recipes brought over from Europe.

A Chilean meal stands out for its hearty portions made with ingredients such as meats, legumes, seafood, and fresh flavors from gardens and forests. Chilean cuisine covers an eclectic variety of recipes, all of which are best paired with a delicious wine, especially one from the selection of TRIO Wines.

To guide you through pairing with Chilean cuisine, we’ve selected our favorite dishes to go with TRIO Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chile has one of the longest coastlines in the world, bringing in a wide array of fish and seafood that create some of the most popular recipes.

If you are opening a bottle of TRIO Chardonnay, consider pairing it with fish such as Southern Hake (Merluza Austral), the internationally renowned pink-cusk eel (Congrio), or the local favorite merluccius hake (Merluza). This pairing works well whether the fish is butter-seared or fried.

Another delicious selection from the sea is Chile’s local spin on pil-pil, which can include seafood such as mussels sauteed in olive oil with minced garlic and with diced red chili pepper.

If you’re leaning towards a homestyle recipe, consider porotos granados, a countryside stew with ingredients of cranberry beans, sauteed onions, oregano, cumin, corn kernels, calabaza squash and basil leaves.

One of Chile’s most popular traditional recipes that pairs perfectly with TRIO Merlot is Cazuela, a soup served with either chicken or beef, and calabaza squash, potatoes, and corncob, among other ingredients.

Another exquisite dish that pairs with this red wine selection is Charquican, a recipe that takes its name from the charqui (jerky) that is traditionally used in the recipe. Ingredients include calabaza squash, potatoes, corn or peas, beef, and herbs and spices, leading to a splendid dish full of flavor and character that deserves a wine of refined red fruit notes.

Lastly, if you’re considering a bolder choice such as TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon, then you will likely be planning a barbeque style meal (known locally as an asado.) You’ll want to accompany your asado with delicious pebre salsa (tomato, onions, cilantro, and chile green pepper).

You won’t want to overlook one of Chile’s most celebrated recipes: the empanada. This pastry can be stuffed with ingredients such as cheese, seafood, or diced beef, and is often served as a starter before any number of meals.

Try one or try them all with a glass of your favorite TRIO Wine!


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