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Celebrate with TRIO Wines this 18

Tuesday, 14 September, 2021

The commemoration of Chile’s Independence Day takes place every September 18, a day marked by tradition and unique activities for all who celebrate. Central to September 18 is Chilean food: grilled meats (the asado) and empanadas are customary favorites, and naturally, no Chilean celebration would be complete without a good Chilean wine.

During the days around September 18 (known as the week of Fiestas Patrias), families spend afternoons together creating new memories over tables of food, music and dance, and games. And as any gathering of family and the sharing of food merits the selection of an exquisite wine, such as TRIO, planning the menu and pairing it with the right wine will ensure you and your loved ones make the most out of Fiestas Patrias.

To many, the empanada is the standard-bearing appetizer that never disappoints, with the empanada de pino being the traditional favorite. Pino is a uniquely Chilean recipe that includes sliced beef (ground beef can also be used), diced onions, spicy red pepper and a dash of comino, a slice of hard-boiled egg and an olive, while some even like to mix in raisins. We recommend TRIO Merlot to accompany empanadas, as it’s a complete wine with aromas of fresh plums and red cherries that can match the wholesome and robust flavors of the empanada de pino.

Empanadas are the ideal start to a September 18 meal, but the undeniable crown jewel of the occasion is the asado. As such we recommend TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon to go with the grilled meats, while another food choice to accompany this delectable wine is grilled chicken breast topped with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Many assume that any menu that includes grilled meat automatically excludes a white wine, but we assure you that there are a number of options to pair with TRIO Chardonnay.

As a starter, consider a delicious fish and seafood ceviche, perfect to accompany a refreshing glass of this tasty wine. Additionally, you can try a dish of Parmesan clams (clams baked in their shell, served au gratin with Parmesan cheese and butter or cream).

You can also accompany your seafood-themed menu with cheese and seafood empanadas (stuffed with crab, oysters, shrimp, mollusks), or even a seafood-style pino that can include clams, mussels, and diced onion, any of which are certain to pair to perfection with a glass of TRIO Chardonnay.








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