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Celebrate with the perfect toast

Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes preparations to be made for the feasts we will share with family and friends. As part of the tradition, there lies the all-important question: Which wine should we choose for the perfect Christmas and New Year’s Eve toast?

Firstly, decide on what will be the main course. For those who prefer a traditional herb-roasted turkey dinner accompanied with sauces such as apple, plum, or cranberry, we recommend TRIO Merlot for its flexibility and smoothness. This selection also pairs superbly with pasta plates topped with rich sauces.

If the flavors of the sea is your preference, TRIO Chardonnay offers a crisp and delicate touch that will go perfectly with seared salmon, tuna, or seafood medleys. Another exquisite option is an oven-roasted drum with herbs and spices.

Now, if you’re a grilled meat lover, it doesn’t get any better than a chargrilled sirloin cut accompanied by TRIO Cabernet. The smoky richness of the sirloin paired with the powerful and intense flavors of TRIO Cabernet will have you toasting throughout the meal.

Always remember that no matter what you decide to prepare, what matters most is that your table is filled with loved ones, kindness, and TRIO Perfect Blend.

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