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Celebrate the Holidays with TRIO Wines

Thursday, 19 December, 2019

The end of the year is upon us, a time traditionally reserved for reflexion and get-togethers with loved ones. Inherit to the moment is the pivotal decision of which food and wine will make this year’s holiday menu.

While everyone knows that champagne is the holiday standard for the New Year’s toast, the selection of which wine — red, white, which varietal — to serve during meals is of special importance, as it will be paired with a carefully planned menu and served to family and friends.

To help you decide on a wine pairing for your holiday meals, we’ve put together some key points and suggestions to help you craft the perfect holiday menu.

TRIO Merlot

With a versatile flavor spectrum, TRIO Merlot offers ample coverage to pair with an array of meats and side dishes.

If your entree includes either pork or beef, consider slow cooking methods — pot roasts, or braised recipes like beef bourguignon — that will give your meat choice the maximum time to absorb the flavors of the condiments used, such as rosemary and thyme.

For pasta lovers, a made-from-scratch pesto is a bold option that pairs exquisitely with this selection’s delicate and balanced flavors.

Don’t forget to open a bottle for your appetizers. If you’re starting your meal with platters of aged cheeses, dried fruits, cold cuts, or grilled vegetables, no need to switch wines between courses, TRIO Merlot is the perfect choice from start to finish.

TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re firing up the grill for your holiday meal, then TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon should be your wine selection.

This blend — Cabernet Sauvignon (88%), Cabernet Franc (7%), Syrah (5%) — is a top choice for herb-seasoned, grilled meats. You’ll want to stock up on fresh oregano, as it brings out the subtle characters of this superb wine.

TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon is also a faithful companion to some of Italy’s most rich, traditional recipes. A lasagna Bolognese or a pasta topped with a tomato-meat ragù are guaranteed to wow your loved ones this holiday season.

TRIO Chardonnay

Complete with ingredients and fixings like stuffing, cranberry sauce, and fresh herbs and spices, an oven-roasted turkey is the traditional holiday spread that never disappoints, and neither will TRIO Chardonnay as its wine pairing.

This selection — distinguished by its citric and fresh fruit notes — also pairs wonderfully if your preference is of the sea. For those looking to try new flavors and recipes this December, consider a seafood paella or risotto.

Lastly is another holiday favorite: salmon. A splendid recipe to go with TRIO Chardonnay is a seared salmon topped with a butter-cream-white wine sauce.

As a final tip we recommend planning your wine and food choices in unison, as you’ll want the flavors to interact and complement with one another.

When the food is cooked and the wine selected, all that’s left is to raise a glass of TRIO with the ones you love. Happy Holidays!

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