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World’s best bars with a touch of #TRIOstyle

Monday, 8 February, 2016

Can you imagine drinking a glass of #TRIOwine in the middle of the sea, inside a millennial tree or down in a mine? Either for their look or their location, these are the best places in the world to live a great #TRIO experience.

Located in Bucharest, this bar decorated with bicycle parts, many of them donated by their own customers. Everything is recycled, the seats, the lights and even the handlebars that work as door handles. Each part tells a story about different models, times or about its owner. The concept is well received by the tourist, the place also has exhibitions, music sessions and designer events from any artist who wants to leave their mark.

Just a few miles from Treasure beach in Negril Jamaica, almost floating in the sea, you can find this place with a rustic mysticism, built from old wooden pillars, close to collapse almost as if a slight blow would make it fade away in the wind. The truth is that this peculiar place was rebuilt after a hurricane in 2004 and since then is one of the favourites with the tourists and Jamaicans where they can drink, eat a fresh fish or just play cards admiring the clear water that surrounds it. While there’s some customers worried about the precariousness of the construction, the Jamaicans answer unworried in their particular style: “Jamaica no problem”.  

Inside a hollow tree that is 6 million years old lies this bar at the subtropical location of Tzaneen. This impressive place has a capacity for only 15 people, you can enjoy a drink while looking at the interior that has suffered from a lot of accidental fires, this, according to African tradition, shows the divine character and supernatural aspects of the place.

At 184m deep, in Zacatecas, we find this bar that was first an abandoned mine, then a museum, and finally it has become one of the most famous pubs visited by tourist. To enter you must ride a train that in only 4 minutes lets you enjoy a drink, literally, in the depths of the earth.

When you arrive, they bring you gloves and a thick coat. This is not surprising if you consider that this bar in Stockholm serves everything at -5 C degrees and its decorations are all made of ice: walls, chairs, even glasses. To make it, they take water from Torne river considered one of the cleanest in the planet. This is an ecological issue if you think that every glass is discarded in the trash after use and the visit doesn’t last more than 45 minutes.


Where would you like to enjoy a #TRIO experience?



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