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Afternoons at home with TRIO Wines

Friday, 22 May, 2020

As seasons change and the cold season arrives in the Southern Hemisphere, we look ahead to increasing our indoor activities. Naturally, we want to accompany those activities with delicious wine and food, and we’ll need inspiration to stay creative in the kitchen.

Cheese platter, grilled veggie BBQ, or appetizers set to sundown views? Whatever you’re thinking, TRIO Wines has a selection to pair with your afternoons at home.

A vegetable barbecue is a great way to mix in a range of flavors. Consider bell peppers stuffed with blue cheese, bacon-wrapped chives, and grilled corn on the cob topped with either mayonnaise or butter, all great choices for a bottle of TRIO Merlot, as its smooth tannins are the perfect companion for cheeses and vegetables.

If you’re favoring other cheeses for this red, try a charcuterie board and include aged cheeses like sharp cheddar or Camembert.

Innovation is a constant in the kitchen. We recommend pairing TRIO Cabernet Sauvignon with Iberian ham, dried fruits, and sherry vinegar in order to enjoy the full splendor of the wine’s balanced tannins and acidity.

For light and fresh tastes, TRIO Chardonnay is the ideal selection when building a cheese tray. We suggest adding Provolone or Gruyere and serving crackers, a berry jam, and almonds, as they will all accentuate the fruit-mineral balance and delicate acidity found in every glass of TRIO Chardonnay.

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